From paper to reality: project planning and implementation all in one place

If your construction project is to take shape, you will find a versatile team mate in BOA MarineTech. The trusting and proven collaboration with reliable partners forms the core of our approach. After the call for tenders for the design and construction planning decided on in consultation with you, we deal with assessment and awarding of the contract. We coordinate the progress of the project across all trades and undertake the organisation of the site including interface management.

Here, the focus of our attention is on a the planning and monitoring of a cost-efficient construction process, the resource and material management and the organisation of logistics and transport, as well as the high quality requirements in construction. Controlling and reporting forms the conclusion of responsible project management, which we hand over to you in the form of careful documentation of the construction process.

We can step up at any time as your full service partner and turnkey provider with many years of experience and a skilled network.