Always fresh all-round: renovation and repairs maintain value

In the shipyard, at anchor, in the harbour or on the high seas: our teams are ready for action anywhere. This allows for the most efficient execution of repair or renovation works and is easy on the budget. We undertake the necessary repairs and renovation measures even with passengers on board or during loading and unloading of commercial ships.

If it's repair work then a quick pace is generally required because the continued operation of the facilities is otherwise jeopardised. BOA MarineTech employees are often brought in so that we can:

  • Modernise gastronomic facilities such as restaurants, ships' kitchens, galleys or cabooses
  • Repair furniture and fittings – "refurnishment"
  • Service and maintain technical systems and equipment
  • Renovate cabins and wet units, other sanitary facilities and public areas
  • Undertake refitting & repairs for suites, lounges and crew cabins